What should I do if my Awarded Opportunity shows I earned, but the amount is missing from my Pocket balance?

View your earnings amount on your Opportunities Opportunities page, and then check whether you have transferred your balance earlier. If you believe there is an error, please Report Pocket Balance Issue

What’s the minimum Pocket balance needed to Cash out?

Generally, you need at least Rs. 100, but this amount can vary, or change at any time.

What bank and vendor payment options are available?

We offer more than 30 payment provider options – view the full payment partner list at Walee Pocket

What’s Transaction History?

Transaction History refers to all your key activities performed on Walee, including their latest status. To view, go to your Pocket screen and click on th button.

What’s a TX ID (Transaction ID)?

Tx ID is the reference number of your transaction request in your Pocket, and is shown for each record in your Transaction History.

What’s TX Status (transaction status) ?

TX Status refers to the three processing states of your cash out request from your Pocket - Pending, Done, or Rejected.