What’s an Opportunity?

An Opportunity refers to a chance to work on a Campaign sponsored by a Business. For example, a fashion Business would post an Opportunity for Instagram Influencers interested in promoting its new clothing brand and has offered to pay for every page view of their clothing collection’s image posted on the Instagrammers’ account.

What are the different kinds of Opportunities?

Every Opportunity is different and is defined by Businesses when creating their Campaigns. You, as an Influencer, can post content that you have either created or was developed for you, by the Business, or share content.

Are the Businesses listed in the Opportunities “real” i.e. authentic?

Yes. Our Walee Services Team conducts background checks on Businesses who want to run Campaigns using Influencers.

What’s an Opportunity deadline?

An Opportunity Deadline is the cutoff point, by date and time, to submit your interest for an active Opportunity so that the Business can consider your application. You will be unable to submit your Application after the deadline.

What should do if an Opportunity is awarded to me?

After being Awarded an Opportunity, the Business will email or DM you instructions on next steps, and this happens soon after the Opportunity closes. For example, for commission-based sales, you will receive a unique promo code and the validity time period, like from 2 - 10 December 2020.

Why is my Application not Accepted or Rejected by the Business yet?

Businesses can receive hundreds or even thousands of applications and so may require some time to make accept or reject decisions. If your Application has not been processed for more than three weeks, please Report an Opportunity issue .

Why am I unable to apply for Opportunities?

To apply for an Opportunity, ensure your Profile Profile is Completed, Submitted and Verified. If your Profile is completed and you still cannot apply for an Opportunity, please Report an Opportunity issue

How many Opportunities can I apply for at one time?

There is no limit to apply on Opportunities Opportunities. You can apply to as many Campaigns as you want, as long as you meet the specified needs i.e., are eligible.