Sign Up with Walee

What’s Walee?

Walee is a mobile and web platform to help Businesses seamlessly find, connect, collaborate and pay Influencers on campaign Opportunities Opportunities posted.

Where can I download the Walee app from?

Download the latest Walee iOS or Android app from

Why install the Walee app?

By downloading the Walee app, you can easily keep updated and manage your Opportunities Opportunities, Pocket Pocket and events, as you will be notified about anything that needs your immediate attention - like being awarded an Opportunity.

What’s Proof of ID referenced during sign up to Walee?

Proof of ID refers to official and valid government documentation that verifies your identity, and can be your CNIC or passport, or any other national identity document which shows your key details such as your Full Name, Date of Birth and your official Address. Please note, the following are not accepted: university ID cards, workplace ID cards including military cards or housing ID.

Why am I being asked for Proof of ID for sign up?

Your Proof of ID helps us authenticate you on behalf of Businesses, and is used to keep your account safe and free from identity theft.

What are Social Channels for sign up?

Social Channels refer to the links to your social media profiles on different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Bigo and others.

What’s the difference between Walee Technologies Pvt Ltd. (IOP) and Walee?

Walee Technologies Pvt Ltd. is a community of influencers in Pakistan. Walee is the platform where Influencers can easily participate and manage Opportunities in Campaigns, keep updated on activities, Pocket Pocket, news and upcoming events.

Why do I have to verify my email address for sign up?

We need to ensure that you’ve entered a valid Email Address where we can contact you, as well as help keep your Walee account safe.

I don’t have a bank account yet, can I still sign up for a Walee account?

Without a bank account, you can still Sign up to Walee, apply for Opportunities Opportunities and earn. When you’re ready to transfer your Pocket Pocket balance, you need to have set-up a bank account. You can view the full list of 30+ banks and payment vendors from your Pocket.

Why do I need to verify my email and mobile number ?

We need to ensure you’ve entered a correct and working email and mobile number so that we can safely contact you at you should the need arise.

What should I do if after Sign up, an error message is displayed?

Follow the instructions on the error message. You can also Please report your system error to Walee Support Team, adding the screenshot or take a note of what error message you’re getting where for easy follow-up: Report a system problem

After sign up, how can I earn?

Once logged in, you should immediately update your Profile so that you can apply for Opportunities Opportunities. If you’re selected, follow the instructions given by the business and meet your targets to earn.