Profile Completion

Why is my Profile rejected?

You used invalid information e.g., name, dob, proof of ID, social media channels during Profile Completion due to which your Profile has been Rejected by Walee Customer Support Team. To complete your Profile, update your details with valid information.

Why id my Profile still pending?

Your Profile is Pending because Walee support Team is reviewing your Profile. if your Profile status does not update within three working days, contact to Walee Support Team

Why do I need to upload a Proof of ID?

We need to validate your identity to help keep your account safe and it is a requirement to setup your bank or vendor payment account where you will receive your earnings.

Why do I have to share my Bank details?

Without a bank account, you can still Sign up to Walee, apply for Opportunities Opportunities and earn. When you are ready to transfer your Pocket Balance, you need a bank account where we can transfer your earnings - we support more than 30 banks and payment vendor options.